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Bobbing in the Wake of My Ego

9 February 1981
Graham is a larger than average family and wears two pairs of trousers on each leg. Originally grown in a vat near Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, he went to Lancaster, still Lancashire, to be occasionally educated. For a time, he could be found (occasionally) haunting the lecture theatres and computer labs of Lancaster University, the worlds foremost institution for professors inane drivel.

After graduating and then, for reasons that are unlikely to become apparent again at the moment, graduating again, he found work with an equal opportunity non-employer in the north of England (yet again Lancashire). In the middle bit of 2005, occasionally known as Summer, he finally stopped working for HM Government and started working as a codemonkey in Lancaster itself. Some day he dreams of travelling but the government does not permit the export of exotic animals without a special permit.

He resides, unsurprisingly, in Lancashire with his girlfriend of ten-and-a-half years, and spends his evenings chained to a steaming word processor in a vain attempt to write stories. A movie of his life is now in pre-production.

His public writing, ranting and generally geeky side can be found at his website.

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
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